Your numbers. Your freedom.


Your numbers. Your freedom.

Let Xcelerate Business Solutions help you reclaim your passion.


Our passion is numbers...what's yours?

Do you remember when you planted your church? You believed you could be a difference maker, right? I bet you did not set out to be a number cruncher as part of that difference making! If you are buried in the numbers and ready to be free again, we can help.

We have a passion for numbers, and not just any numbers...Your numbers! 

Xcelerate started because of a passion for numbers and a personal need to raise money for an adoption. The Xcelerate team loves to make sure the bank account reconciles down to the penny. We get excited helping our clients receive meaningful reports to make solid strategic decisions. 


In the old days accountants used to take your books and receipts into a super-secret place where they worked their magic and spoke in           super-secret code. This language used words like debits, credits and depreciation. Then, they would charge lots of money, and send you reports you couldn't understand unless you knew the super-secret code. Some still do it this way, but not us.



We become collaborative partners.  We don't speak in super-secret code. If you don't understand the reports, we work hard to adjust. Our data is real-time so you can make decisions on the fly.  All of our systems are even mobile, because let’s face it, business in our world has to get done on the go. 

We understand church because we started as church planters.

So what's your passion?

It's time to get back to what excites you and let Xcelerate take the numbers!