Live in Freedom



Live in Freedom


Xcelerate Business Solutions is different from other accounting firms because it's about reclaiming time. It's about rediscovering passion. It's about realizing dreams. It's also about your money.

In 2011, Xcelerate began with a need to make enough money to expand the owners family through adoption. After one biological child and three adopted kids, the goal was met and a decision had to be made. Should we let Xcelerate grow into a company?

We chose to let it grow and to reinvent Xcelerate into the cloud-based accounting firm it is today. We wanted Xcelerate to serve multiple purposes....

  • create a company that values family and time

  • offer grants to others that are Helping Families Thrive

  • leverage technology to make all our lives efficient

  • create a participation age culture

Who We Serve?

Is Xcelerate Business Solutions a good fit for your church?

Who We Serve?

Is Xcelerate Business Solutions a good fit for your church?

If you fit into any of these categories, we may be the perfect solution to your company.

Do you despise dealing with finances?  

We’ll do it for you! We dig into the details and shine light on your company’s complete financial picture. We take on the burdens you don’t want to carry alone. 

  • We invoice customers.

  • We pay bills.

  • We reconcile your accounts.

  • We create budgets.

  • And, we create successful solutions along the way.

Do you need time to work on the future?

We are highly communicative and give you what you need to run your business.

  • We customize reports.

  • We help analyze data.

  • We become your trusted advisor.

  • We investigate specific areas.

  • We deliver on information you need.

What size church are you?

Are you a church?

  • The owners were former church planters.

  • We specialize in efficient processes for church staff.

  • We work with church budgets from $150,000 to $6-7M.

Are you a nonprofit?

  • The Xcelerate team represents a variety of nonprofits.

  • We mobilize the volunteer staff.

  • We create processes for checks and balances.