Vision can be a noun or a verb. When it is used as a verb, it means to “imagine”. Personally, I find it helpful to use vision as a verb more than a noun. If I can “imagine” how it will be, I can create effective goals and objectives towards that vision.

How do I imagine our children’s education, Xcelerate, our personal finances, our communication tools, our packing methods, our ability to engage in meaningful conversations, our capacity for company growth, our relationships, our meals, our interactions with other RVers, our truck and RV issues while on the road?

Yesterday, we had fun asking the kids what they wanted to specifically learn in each subject on the road trip. Learning is so fun if you get to help create it. Some of the answers were science explosions, realistic art, typing, famous buildings, creative writing, baby chicks, putting things in the right spots, clay, slavery, making things out of paper, learning to play a ukulele, how to paint, rocks and minerals, JFK, carving, Elvis, states that held wars, and presidents. What is so awesome about this is every one of these learning opportunities will be available. And, along the way researching, writing, and creating blogs about their learning will pull in the educational requirements that will push them to the next grade level.

We are praying that God gives us a vision for what he sees. When it comes to education, what does God want us to learn on the trip? What opportunities will they have to learn more about themselves? How will that propel them to a deeper relationship with Christ now and as they get older?

Please join us in Prayer at noon for Clarity of Vision for the following:

  • Our children’s education

  • Xcelerate’s growth while on the road

  • Where we will go and who we will see

  • How we will interact around food and conversations with each other

Thank you for praying with us on Day 4!