During this time of preparation to leave, the concept of “home” has come up a lot. What is home? Is it just where your heart is? Can I experience home at a hotel or a campsite? As our family of six have discussed it, some of what often makes us “homesick” are certain items that help remind us we are safe, loved and accepted. This concept is extremely important to us because we are about to load a few items into a 36 foot travel trailer and call it “home” for over 6 months. That’s half a year! Can a camper really feel like home? Will it feel like one big camping trip? We worry that feelings of “homelessness” will creep in as we travel around the country.

Last week we asked the kids, “What is something that you can pack and take with us that would remind you of home when you are homesick on the road?” Answers ranged from stuffed animals and pillows to guitars, plants, and important pictures. Everyone’s answers were different. When we each thought about home we thought about different things.


One that came up for everyone in the family was friends. This one is so much harder as we can’t bring any of you with us. Many tears flowed as we contemplated leaving some of our close friends for so long. We don’t have a lot of answers on this one, and we suspect that there is no great answer, but we are working on it. Thankfully we will be able to leverage technology to stay connected, but it’s hard to recreate Sunday night dinners with our best friends or a deep conversations over a cup of tea or a glass of whiskey. You can’t have an epic laser tag battle or go sledding on Skype. Our church community will spend about 25 Sunday’s worshiping without us. In this we are grieving.


The last “home” item we talked about is rhythms. Rhythms are those things that help us stay grounded from week to busy week. They help us stay connected. Things like Friday night movie night (easily replicated) and Sabbath (a little harder, because it has involved the friends from above). An easy one was our “Team Daley Huddle.” We tried “family meetings,” but that word always made the kids nervous. We wanted them to be fun and talk about some real things. We laugh and giggle and then usually someone lets out some noxious gas at some point, but some of the sweetest times of connection have come from these huddles. I am also sure we will have to create some new rhythms as well. At Xcelerate one of our core values is “Healthy Life Rhythms” and without them we fail to live in to each second with a full heart.

What is your concept of home?

If it is a fully furnished 5 bedroom, 3 bath town home with a really nice patio then come rent ours for 6 months. Not kidding :) We pray our home is rented to the family God is leading to make a “home” in Fort Collins, CO.

Know someone? Let us know and in the meantime, please pray we take the great parts of “home” with us.