We are in Day 6 of our fast and prayer. In 35 days we will packed up a 36-foot travel trailer with our 4 kids and be on the road on an epic business and personal adventure around the outer edge of the US. As we wrote about yesterday we are in a time of preparation and transition. I am not sure about your family, but for Team Daley, transitions aren’t easy. We are a blended family of biological and adopted children. Even though many transitions in life are good like growing up and heading of to college, getting married, leaving a toxic job or birthing/adopting a child, our family sees most transitions as something to be feared. All of our kids have anxiety around things that are unknown. Some of our kids are still learning they can really trust us to provide a safe, nurturing environment. During this time, we find ourselves asking each other these two questions several times a day?

  1. How can we help our kids and ourselves learn to transition better?

  2. What can we do to leave well?

 The hard part about transitions of ending and beginning are a mixed bag. They can be filled with both excitement and grief, joy and loss. We love joy and excitement, but loss and grief is something I would rather run from than engage. An example is we are going on the trip of a lifetime, but to do it we need to leave everything we know and great friends here in Colorado. In the life of a 40 year old 6 months seems relatively short, but to a 10 year old that is 8% of their life.

We are trying hard to engage the grief and loss. We started by naming it for ourselves and then began helping our kids name it. Next, we have named it with some close friends. It wasn’t easy and it is vulnerable, but something magical happened. In engaging it the fear began to reside and a more settled feeling has come. We have a ways to go in answering these two questions, but we have many transitions in the future to practice.

Do you have any ideas? How have you left well that felt memorable?