There are 25 days left before the Daley’s will be packed and on the road in a 36-foot travel trailer with our 4 kids and hit the road on an epic business and personal adventure around the outer edge of the US.

A few days ago we wrote in “Vacation Pain” about our values. Our values always bring us back to what we are doing and more importantly how we do them. In some ways our personal and business values overlap, and in some ways they are different. Today we want to talk about both the Team Daley value of “Work Hard, Play Hard,” and the Xcelerate company value of “Healthy Life Rhythms.”

Today is the last day of school for our three boys. Along with their backpacks and last minute projects they are each taking their 2019 Withdrawal Form to school. This means that for them it’s actually the last day of school until August 2019! Yikes! Our value of Work hard, Play hard is one we gave words to a few years ago on that trip to Costa Rica. Having fun and playing in this amazing world God created for us is a big value for us, however, we can’t truly play hard until we have worked hard. Life feels undone and unfinished if all we do is play without work. All play is also not a sustainable way of life. Working hard creates a sense of pride and finality so that playing hard can happen with a clear mind and a full heart. These last few months the concept of ending or finishing well have become part of our regular vernacular. After much prayer and self-discipline or parent-imposed self-discipline, our boys are finishing school well today. We are proud of them; it did not come easy. There are still things learned the hard way, but they are better off for it. Our daughter has a few more weeks to keep working hard.

At Xcelerate Business Solutions early on we realized there is no such thing as work/life balance. Balance implies that work and life are at opposite sides and the ideal is to keep them both equal on the teeter-totter. As small business owners we could be juggling these two hats multiple times in the course of a day or even hour. That is also not how the world works. Our four seasons give us some insight into a more sustainable plan. There is a time of new growth and harvest and then a time of rest. This word rhythm seems to offer us a better way. Sometimes there is a busy time and we have to embrace it, however then we need to move into a season of celebration and rest. When it’s work time, we don’t feel guilty about working hard for what God has entrusted us to do in leading Xcelerate. And, when it’s life time, we embrace it and don’t send emails and texts all night long. The concept of healthy rhythms allows us to have good conversations about what to embrace when.

Pray as we go on our 6 month journey, we will Work Hard, Play Hard, and have Healthy Life Rhythms instead of discovering them the hard way.

Below is a complete list of both Team Daley values and Team Xcelerate values. More on those later.

Team Daley Values                                 

  • Be Kind

  • Be Truthful

  • Be Grateful

  • Make It Better

  • Work Hard, Play Hard

Team Xcelerate Values

  • Virtual, but together

  • Trustified (Yes, we made this one up)

  • Thrive, not Survive

  • Healthy Life Rhythms

  • Share the Wealth

  • Grow, Replicate, Empower, Repeat