There are 24 days left before the Daley’s will be packed and on the road in a 36-foot travel trailer with our 4 kids and hit the road on an epic business and personal adventure around the outer edge of the US.

I set my alarm for 5:30 AM this morning to get up and “get things done” before the kids got out of bed. This was the third day in a row I was waking up, going internally and externally from sun up to sun down, attending heartfelt meetings personally and with Xcelerate Business Solutions, and pushing to get as much done as I could. As I woke up this morning, I felt prompted by a conversation yesterday to remember to be kind to myself. I thought, “what is not going to get done by me sleeping a little more?”, “Can I be okay with myself not being ‘productive’?”, “Is it worth being kind to myself?”

I chose to grow in this area, catch a little more sleep, take time to eat breakfast with a cup of my favorite hot tea, and enjoy my Christmas tree. I find that if I am kind to myself ultimately I am kind to others. I have more to give. I have taken a few moments to enjoy something for myself. My bucket gets full before it get empty again.

Why is this so hard to do as a regular rhythm? Why do I truly believe I am more valuable the more productive I am?

There will be more space these next seven months than ever was and ever will be. There will be no soccer practices to drive to, youth group drop-offs, after school appointments to barely make, you name it and add it to the list. But, can I fill that space with kindness? How will I choose to transition my thinking to a different kind of productive? How will I rest?

Originally this Team Daley value was birthed out of the pain of bickering and arguing that seems to be ever present with 4 kids. The definition needs to be expanded to self-kindness. Being kind is hard to do when you are tired, stretched in so many areas, and bombarded. I think kindness comes out of a place of rest…rest in your soul. Focusing on the disappointment and the regret of what I didn’t do doesn’t bring honor to who I truly am. I am not saying we should never grow spiritually and never change. But, I am saying for those of us that are very hard on ourselves, let’s back up a moment, sit down, take a deep breathe and remember the wins.

Please pray we (and you) are kind to ourselves as we continue to wrap up 2018 so that kindness exudes to each other in our family….transforming our internal stress to internal contentment….transforming our external stress to external kindness.

Team Daley Values                                 

  • Be Kind

  • Be Truthful

  • Be Grateful

  • Make It Better

  • Work Hard, Play Hard

Team Xcelerate Values

  • Virtual, but together

  • Trustified (Yes, we made this one up)

  • Thrive, not Survive

  • Healthy Life Rhythms

  • Share the Wealth

  • Grow, Replicate, Empower, Repeat