There are 15 days left before the Daley’s will be packed and on the road in a 36-foot travel trailer with our 4 kids and hit the road on an epic business and personal adventure around the outer edge of the US.

Sometimes you live out a value before you can articulate it. This has been the case with,”Grow, Replicate, Empower, Repeat.” Three years ago we decided to take Jessica’s “side business,” and create a company that had the potential of scalable growth. We learned from reading many books on the subject, but one that was transformative was, “Making Money is Killing Your Business.” The author, Chuck Blakeman, often tells a story about one of the apprentices to the master Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci, actually taught him to paint just like him stroke by stroke and had him paint a copy of the Mona Lisa. His point is everyone is replaceable and other people can be taught to run your business with processes. This became our mantra at Xcelerate. We created processes and templates for everything and it has paid off. This is partly what is allowing Jessica and I to focus on client care and business development as we travel around the country in the RV. We can only do this because we know we have a competent team continuing to on-board, implement, and take care of our already existing client base.

In order to Grow, Replicate, Empower, Repeat, several things must be on your mind at all times.

  1. Grow: Is your model scalable? What if you succeed in your plan? Do you have the other pieces of a business in place to handle the growth?

  2. Replicate: Can what you are doing be reproduced again and again? Are there systems in place to ensure that each client receives the same experience?

  3. Empower: Is it sustainable? Does the whole thing depend on one person or a few people, or are you empowering a team to improve the way your business serves the clients?

  4. Repeat: If everyone in the organization is constantly thinking how to go through the grow, replicate, empower steps, then new positions are constantly being created.

The Xcelerate Team is an empowered group of high contributors! As Jessica and I began to solidify the idea of an RV trip years ago, we wondered how we would and could leave well. As business owners we chose not to be threatened by this value. As we worked ourselves out of a job in certain areas of Xcelerate, other opportunities would arise and there would be no one else to fill those roles. Jessica moved from accounting work to training to recruiting to strategy over the course of the last few years. Each time she followed this process, and now there are leaders in each of those areas. Our team has watched this happen and has in turn been empowered to follow the steps. Is it scary? Yes, Do you make mistakes? Of course. Yet, we have to risk knowing the next gap will be there whether Xcelerate is ready or not.

As we write this we have over 20 Xcelerate Stakeholders. Most of the last group of stakeholders had little contact with Jessica or I prior to being hired. We have learned to really trust our team with recruiting.

God has provided everything we need so the RV trip can focus on client care. God has raised up leaders and very competent stakeholders to do their part during this journey. Our team journeys with us.

Pray with us today that this process will continue to grow a strong company.

Team Daley Values                                 

  • Be Kind

  • Be Truthful

  • Be Grateful

  • Make It Better

  • Work Hard, Play Hard

Team Xcelerate Values

  • Virtual, but together

  • Trustified (Yes, we made this one up)

  • Thrive, not Survive

  • Healthy Life Rhythms

  • Share the Wealth

  • Grow, Replicate, Empower, Repeat