Today’s sermon was about transitioning well into a New Year.

The verses and quotes were perfect.

Please read and prayerfully consider how we will all transition well to 2019.

1: Exodus 17:1 talks about the Israelites journeying in stages.

2: Richard Rohr quote from this morning. “Spiritual transformation must become an actual process of letting go, living in the confusing dark space for a while, and allowing yourself to be spit up on a new and unexpected shore.”

3: Ashleigh French quote from our church. “Change is external while Transition is Internal.”

4: Reflection Questions:

  • Where is there change in your life? Is there deeper transition beneath that change?

  • What space in your life feel confusing or uncertain?

  • Are there paradigms you feel invited to let go of?

  • Are there transitions from years past that continue to invite you to transformation?

There are 5 days left before the Daley’s will be packed and on the road in a 36-foot travel trailer with our 4 kids and hit the road on an epic business and personal adventure around the outer edge of the US.