There are 30 days left before our family will be packed and on the road in a 36-foot travel trailer with our 4 kids and hit the road on an epic business and personal adventure around the outer edge of the US.

The words vacation and pain should never be in the same sentence. Two summers ago we saved up and went on our first trip out of the US. We did a combo of both vacation and mission/vision trip with our church. Our church was sending a team to Nicaragua to celebrate 10 years of working with a church plant turned church in a small remote and very poor village. We have always wanted to expose our 4 kids to the hard places of the world, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do it alongside people we knew. It was hundreds of dollars cheaper to fly into Costa Rica and take a 3 hour bus ride over the border. So we decided to vacation for 10 days in Costa Rica first, and then travel up to meet our team. We started at the beach in a little surf town of Playa Carmen because Team Daley loves the beach! We thought it would be a great start to our dream vacation. Another money saving idea was to stay way off the beaten path up a crazy 4-wheel drive road. After, twenty minutes of bumpy, windy and hairpin turns up the mountain we finally arrived at our rustic AirBnb rental. It was a few steps up from camping, but it had an amazing infinity edge pool overlooking the entire beach.

This is where we discovered that all the problems or frustrations of home follow you on vacation and pop up when you least expect them. We also discovered we had the time to engage those problems and frustrations. It was on this trip and through this engagement that we discovered something that has really helped our family. Out of the pain was birthed Team Daley’s Family Values. Values are something that is really important! Values are so important that when they are crossed, frustrations and problems arise. Naming these frustrations and transforming them into values has been a powerful part of our family culture causing us to thrive. It has given us a language to speak and an ideal to aim for. We are not perfect by any stretch, but these values have given us a place to have really great conversations. Then, of course it transferred to Xcelerate, and it helped us formulate our values in the professional environment too. More to come on this, but they were formed out of boundaries being crossed and the painful realization that our problems follow us even to the pristine beaches of Costa Rica.

What boundaries are important to you? A great place to start is what makes you angry or drives you nuts...chances are you are close to a value.