We are starting to see leaving well as a by product of staying well. I don’t mean staying well in regards to health; I actually mean “staying”, “being”, and “living”. You see I wasn’t planning on putting up a Christmas tree. I was planning on putting up stockings, wrapping presents, and putting a runner on the table. However, Greg and our daughter called me a “grinch”. I said I’m not decorating because I don’t even feel I have the time to pack what we need…let alone unpack Christmas decorations only to repack them…adding to the chaos and stuff around. Greg reminded me we are in Colorado for Christmas so let’s enjoy it and take advantage of the space and the rhythm of Christmas. I asked if we could compromise by just putting up my perfectly lit artificial tree. Since nothing else feels or is perfect, I do love my perfection of a tree. Experience over-ruled perfection and we are on our way to not only get a tree but cut one down from the forest. Greg and I see beauty in two different ways. Greg sees outdoor, rugged, and real as beauty. I see color, each space intentionally looked at, and packaged well as beauty. So, we will have our sparse, real, outdoor beauty and our full, fake, lit, indoor beauty…enjoying each other’s choices and staying well this Christmas season. On our way we even found a “Uneeda Pie” sale and grabbed a delicious mixed berry pie we would have missed had we stayed grinches.

Staying well has also entailed not only knowing we should go to coffees, lunches, and parties, but actually going and allowing ourselves to enjoy the opportunity.

How are you staying well this Christmas season?