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Preparation for the Road

Preparation for the Road


On the road…

You may have heard by now that we (The Daley’s) are going on the road for 6 months WITH our 4 kids IN an RV! Yes, it might be crazy, but what started as a dream 3 years ago is becoming a reality.

How did it start?

Well, Greg came home one day and said “what do you think of taking an RV around the U.S. for a time and allowing our kids learn more experientially?” I (Jessica) loved the idea and we continued to dream, and then reality set in and all the questions like, “what if our kids get behind in school for life?” and “how will we all survive in 350 square feet of space?” We threw it in the “maybe someday” category until we saw a Fort Collins Magazine article about a family in Fort Collins who had just come back from a similar RV Trip. Our idea, had a name…Road Schooling. We thought if they could do it then maybe, just maybe we could too.

The next thought was could our business be ready for this?

We shared it with our growing team and actually put it on our strategic plan as taking Xcelerate on the road. We were already a virtual company so work could get done with just an internet connection, however, this dream caused us to do a deep dive into our processes, our systems such as Quickbooks Online, Intuit Online Payroll for Accountants, Karbon, Smartvault, T-sheets, Expensify, and our people.  Leaders already worked at our company, but we needed to empower them. The Xcelerate team rose up to meet the challenge so we could shift our focus of being in the business to more working on the business. The Xcelerate team has walked this vision with us for years without really knowing the HOW of it all.

Where are we going?

Our truck and travel trailer will take us south from our home in Colorado and then trace the outer edge of the country counter clockwise. Xcelerate client churches are all along the way as well as many of our team members we call stakeholders. As a virtual company we often use video conferencing to meet new clients, but this way we will get to meet them in person. Computers have really allowed us to run a business with a much larger impact then if we could only work with churches close to us, but there is something special about meeting face to face. We will even get to worship on Sundays with our churches and really see how God is using them.

A time of preparation?

At the beginning of 2018, Greg and I chose One Word that we felt the Lord impressing on us. My word was Curious and Greg’s word was Resilient. We knew if we were to get in a confined space for any amount of time with the 6 of us, we needed to prepare our hearts just as much as our business. We just didn’t know how, but God SHOWED up! With intentional eyes and ears and with God-given guides in our lives, we both dove in to our own stories. It was hard. It was scary. Un-dealt with emotions and stories had lived for too long and we needed God’s healing. Some of the destinations on the trip hold some of those hard stories and we needed to face them before we embarked. Hurting people hurt people, but the flip side is also true, healed people heal people.  We have already seen the changes in our parenting, our marriage, our relationships, and our friendships.

Our business coach, Scott Conners from Crankset Group, used to say “do you have clear eyes and a full heart?” anytime we were headed into something new or hard. We now are able to say, “YES.”

Will you join us?

No not in the RV :) We have 40 days before we take off. We know the last thing that the enemy wants is for any of us to have life, healing, restoration and purpose. We want to pray Proverbs 19:21 over our trip which says, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” We have already discovered that God’s purpose for this trip is way more than we could have ever imagined. God will Prevail!

We are going to take the next 40 days and fast during lunch and pray. Would you pray with us? Each day we will pray for something specific and we need your prayers as well. If you want to join us in the fasting from lunch each day or even just once a week, we need it! But, anytime you can join us in prayer would be great.

Today we need Prayers for Protection of our Health. Over the last twelve weeks, we have all struggled with long-term colds and coughs that will NOT go away. At least one to two of us have been sick for the last twelve weeks. The kids need energy to finish well at school, church, and with their friends. We need energy to leave well with Xcelerate, our home, our friends, our family, and our 2019 vision.

Thank you for joining our journey!

The Daley Family