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Thank you to those who have chosen to join us in prayer, fasting or both for the Xcelerate Daley Roadtrip.

Today we need Prayers of Peace. Peace in the midst of preparation is vital as we have so many things swirling around in our heads. We can’t think when we don’t feel peace. Peace is described as freedom from disturbance. Don’t you feel pulled in 1000 directions each day veering you away from the important and back to the urgent? Important items are not as tangible because they are focused more on mission, purpose, values, and goals. Important items take forethought and planning, yet that is what propels our vision forward. It is easier to feel more productive with the urgent because it solves the here and now. Urgent items focus on tasks that require a reaction because they scream for our attention while the important simply whispers softly.

Please pray we stay grounded in the important. Please pray we aren’t distracted by the urgent. We need a spirit of restfulness, exuding a quiet and soothing quality about us when we interact with our children, our family, our team, our clients, and the world around us. We all have a lot on our minds and our responses can make or break the daily interactions with those around us. Are we being kind to the staff at stores during holiday shopping? Are we being inquisitive when we notice someone is hurting? Do we notice the homeless man or woman at the corner of a stoplight? Are we available to help lead and intentionally develop our team? Are we present when our kids want to tell us about their day? Are we available to pick up the phone?

Do you have your biggest arguments with the people you love right before a big trip? That’s why we need Peace Prayers! With this big trip coming around the corner and time isn’t stopping, our stress levels are rising, and the check lists are growing.


Thank you for your Peace Prayers at noon today!